Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First steps.

After a couple of years of thinking & digging for inspiration, I've finally enrolled in a Nail Technician program.

For the longest time felt like I've wasted four years going to a University. I've come to finally realize that I haven't. I've experienced so much during those four short years. I lived on my own, bought a car, traveled to cities as a representative for a school organization, met some amazing people, faced difficult challenges, worked odd jobs, gained a higher education, & so much more.

During those years I was focused on getting a degree in Public Health. Afterwards, I found myself pretty lost in my career path. Although I do find public health interesting, I don't find myself indulging into it as my life long career. Right now I'm working as an Office Manager at a Wellness Clinic. Honestly, I'm kind of tired running the show for someone else. Because of this, I've decided to do something completely effin' different.

I have this strong desire of opening a nail salon focused on nail art (similart to WAH nails). Who knows if it will actually happen. For now, baby steps.


  1. Hi! I know exactly how you feel. I spent 4 years in school studying Project Management and in the end i realised my passion was baking cupcakes and cookies. We Live, We Learn! My new passion is nail art also but i'm just doing it for my own personal fulfilment!

    Hoping to See Great things in the future!!!


  2. Good luck, I look forward to hearing about your journey.x